Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Work has kept me from updating this blog but I would like to discuss a couple of places that has struck our fancy.

The first is an Italian Resto called Galileo Enoteca, and unlike most of its ilk, it is located not in trendy Makati or Ortigas center but in Calbayog street, Mandaluyong (it's behind the unfinished Star Mall annex).

Galileo follows the current trend of combining a restaurant with a european deli. The twist here is that the deeper you go into the place, the more you feel like you're in someone's wine cellar, cool and cozy. The merchandise adorns the shelf and keeps you company while you go through the relatively short menu.

They have a special here. For 500 bucks you can have an appetizer plate, a dish of pasta, a glass of wine and coffee. Now this is the real thing. No token appetizers here. This is a major part of your meal. 3 kinds of cheese and 3 kinds of cold cuts, all ranging from mild to quite piquant. The pasta looks underwhelming but the penne gorgonzola we had was anything but that. Satisfying without overwhelming you, and the pasta was quite al dente. Can't really say anything about the wine since the missus and I don't really drink. We wrapped up the meal with a cup of strong Italian coffee.
500 bucks might be considered a lot to pay for cold cuts and pasta, but coming from a guy who eats big lunches, I would actually consider this good value for money as I had to struggle to finish my food. We need more places like this. I for one am getting bored with the cookie-cutter restos we see in most malls. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

To get there, take Shaw Boulevard, and coming from Cherry Foodarama, take a right on Samat St. just before EDSA and take a left at the first intersection. When you see all the cars, you're there. Make reservations, especially for dinner or at least try to be there early. Seats go fast. Buon Appetito =)